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Wait, and Murmur Not Midi
Wait, O Soul, Thy Maker's Will Midi
Wait on the Lord Midi
Waiting for the Promise Midi
Waiting for Thy Coming Midi
Waiting on the Lord Midi
Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying Midi
Wake, Harp of Zion Midi
Wake, Isles of the South Midi
Wake, O Wake! with Tidings Thrilling Midi
Wake, Sweetest Strain Midi
Wake the Song Midi
Wake the Song of Jubilee Midi
Walk in the Light Midi
Walk Thou with Me Midi
Walking in the Good Old Way Midi
Walking in the King's Highway Midi
Was There Ever a Friend So True? Midi
Watch and Pray Midi
Watchman, Blow the Gospel Trumpet Midi
Watchmen! Onward to Your Stations Midi
Watchman, Tell Me Midi
Watchman, Tell Us of the Night Midi
Water of Life, The Midi
Waves of Salvation, The Midi
Way of the Cross Leads Home, The Midi
Wayside Cross, The Midi
We All Can Do Good Midi
We All Can Do Something for Jesus Midi
We Are but a Band of Children Midi
We Are but Little Children Weak Midi
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder Midi
We Are Going Down the Valley Midi
We Are Living, We Are Dwelling Midi
We Are Nearing Midi
We Are Soldiers of Christ Midi
We Are the Lord's Midi
We Are Watching Midi
We Are Well Able Midi
We Bear the Strain of Earthly Care Midi
We Believe in One True God Midi
We Bid Thee Welcome in the Name Midi
We Bless the Name of Christ, the Lord Midi
We Cannot Think of Them as Dead Midi
We Christians May Rejoice Today Midi
We Come in Childhood's Joyfulness Midi
We Come unto Our Fathers' God Midi
We Gather Together Midi
We Give Immortal Praise Midi
We Give Thee but Thine Own Midi
We Hail Thee Now, O Jesu Midi
We Have a Message Midi
We Have a Sure Prophetic Word Midi
We Have an Anchor Midi
We Have Not Known Thee as We Ought Midi
We Have Not Seen, We Cannot See Midi
We Have This Hope Midi
We Hope in Thee, O God! Midi
We Journey Through a Vale of Tears Midi
We Know Thee Who Thou Art Midi
We Leave Thy House, but Leave Not Thee Midi
We Lift Our Hearts to Thee Midi
We Limit Not the Truth of God Midi
We Love the Place, O God Midi
We Love the Venerable House Midi
We March to Victory Midi
We May Not Climb the Heavenly Steeps Midi
We Now Have Met to Worship Thee Midi
We Now Implore God the Holy Ghost Midi
We Plow the Fields Midi
We Praise Thee, O God Midi
We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator Midi
We Praise Thy Name, All-Holy Lord Midi
We Pray Thee, Heavenly Father Midi
We Rear Not a Temple Midi
We Rest on Thee Midi
We Saw Thee Not Midi
We Shall Reign Midi
We Shall See the King Midi
We Shall See the King Some Day Midi
We Shall Shine as the Stars Midi
We Shall Sleep, but Not Forever Midi
We Sing His Love, Who Once Was Slain Midi
We Sing, Immanuel, Thy Praise Midi
We Sing the Glorious Conquest Midi
We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died Midi
We Speak of the Realms of the Blest Midi
We Thank Thee, Jesus, Dearest Friend Midi
We Thank Thee, Lord, for This Fair Earth Midi
We Thank Thee, Lord, Thy Paths of Service Lead Midi
We Thank You, Lord Midi
We Three Kings Midi
We Wait for a Great and Glorious Day Midi
We Walk By Faith (Alford) Midi
We Walk by Faith (Crosby) Midi
We Welcome Glad Easter Midi
We Will Exalt You, Our God the King Midi
We Will Follow Jesus Midi
We Will Walk thru the Streets of the City Midi
We Would See Jesus (Park) Midi
We Would See Jesus (Warner) Midi
Weary of Earth, and Laden with My Sin Midi
Weary of Wandering from My God Midi
Weary Souls, That Wander Wide Midi
Weep Not for a Brother Deceased Midi
Weep Not for Him Who Onward Bears Midi
Welcome, Day of Sweet Repose Midi
Welcome, Delightful Morn Midi
Welcome for Me Midi
Welcome, Happy Morning! Midi
Welcome, One and All Midi
Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest Midi
Welcome, Thou Victor in the Strife Midi
Welcome, Welcome, Day of Rest Midi
We'll Girdle the Globe Midi
We'll Give Our Hearts to Jesus Midi
We'll Never Say Goodbye Midi
We'll Outshine the Sun Midi
We'll Understand It Better By and By Midi
We'll Work Till Jesus Comes Midi
We're Going Home Tomorrow Midi
Were You There? Midi
We've a Story to Tell to the Nations Midi
We've Been Told a Joyful Thing Midi
Wexford Carol, The Midi
What a Friend Thou Art To Me! Midi
What a Friend We Have in Jesus Midi
What a Gathering Midi
What a Savior! Midi
What a Savior Is Mine! Midi
What a Wonderful Savior! Midi
What Are These That Glow from Afar? Midi
What Child Is This? Midi
What Did He Do? Midi
What Equal Honors Shall We Bring Midi
What God Hath Promised Midi
What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone Midi
What Heavenly Music Midi
What If It Were Today? Midi
What Is He Worth to Your Soul? Midi
What Is the World to Me? Midi
What Means This Glory Round Our Feet Midi
What Must I Do? Midi
What Must It Be to Be There! Midi
What, Never Thirst Again? Midi
What Our Father Does Is Well Midi
What Shall I Do, My God to Love Midi
What Shall I Render to My God (Watts) Midi
What Shall I Render to My God (Wesley) Midi
What Shall I Render to the Lord? Midi
What Shall the Harvest Be? Midi
What Shall We Say? Midi
What Star Is This, with Beams So Bright? Midi
What Thanks and Praise to Thee We Owe Midi
What This Host? Midi
What Thou I Cannot Break My Chain Midi
What Time I Am Afraid Midi
What Time the Evening Shadows Fall Midi
What Various Hindrances We Meet Midi
What Will You Do with Jesus? (Simpson) Midi
What Will You Do with Jesus? (Norton) Midi
What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do? Midi
What Wondrous Love Is This? Midi
Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right Midi
When All Thy Mercies, O My God Midi
When At This Distance, Lord, We Trace Midi
When at Thy Footstool, Lord, I Bend Midi
When Came in Flesh the Incarnate Word Midi
When Christ Arose Midi
When Christ Our Lord Had Passed Once More Midi
When Christ Was Born in Bethlehem Midi
When Christmas Morn Is Dawning Midi
When Christ's Appearance Was Made Known Midi
When Comes the Golden Sunset Midi
When Descending from the Sky Midi
When Each Others Face We See Midi
When from the East the Wise Men Came Midi
When Gathering Clouds Around I View Midi
When God of Old Came Down from Heav'n Midi
When Hannah, Pressed with Grief Midi
When He Cometh Midi
When, His Salvation Bringing Midi
When I Can Read My Title Clear Midi
When I Get to the End of the Way Midi
When I Have Finished My Pilgrimage Here Midi
When I Look in His Face Midi
When I See My Savior Midi
When I See the Blood Midi
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Midi
When I Walk Up the Streets of Gold Midi
When in His Might the Lord Midi
When in the Hour of Utmost Need Midi
When in the Night I Meditate Midi
When Israel, of the Lord Beloved Midi
When Israel Out of Bondage Came Midi
When Israel Out of Egypt Went Midi
When Israel Was in Egypt's Land Midi
When Jesus Comes Midi
When Jesus Comes in Glory Midi
When Jesus Left His Father's Throne Midi
When Jesus Returns for His Own Midi
When Jesus Speaks Midi
When Love Shines In Midi
When Marshaled on the Nightly Plain Midi
When Morning Gilds the Skies Midi
When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies Midi
When Mothers of Salem Midi
When My Love to God Grows Weak Midi
When My Weary Hands Are Folded Midi
When o'er My Sins I Sorrow Midi
When on My Day of Life Midi
When Our Heads Are Bowed in Woe Midi
When Our Lord Shall Come Again Midi
When Peter Boasted, Soon He Fell Midi
When Quiet in My House I Sit Midi
When Shades of Night Around Us Close Midi
When Sinners See Their Lost Condition Midi
When the Battle's Over Midi
When the Bridegroom Comes Midi
When the Dark Waves Round Us Roll Midi
When the Day of Toil Is Done Midi
When the Great Sun Sinks to His Rest Midi
When the King Shall Come! Midi
When the Last Trumpet's Awful Voice Midi
When the Lord of Love Was Here Midi
When the Mists Have Rolled Away Midi
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder Midi
When the Saints Are Marching In Midi
When the Toils of Life Are Over Midi
When the Weary, Seeking Rest Midi
When They Ring the Golden Bells Midi
When This Passing World Is Done Midi
When Thou, My Righteous Judge, Shall Come Midi
When Through the Torn Sail Midi
When Through the Whirl of Wheels Midi
When Thy Soldiers Take Their Swords Midi
When Time Seems Short and Death Is Near Midi
When We All Get to Heaven Midi
When Wilt Thou Save the People? Midi
When Winds Are Raging Midi
When Wise Men Came Seeking Midi
When Wounded Sore the Stricken Heart Midi
@ Where Are the Nine? Midi @
@ Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life Midi @
@ Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today? Midi @
@ Where He Leads I'll Follow Midi @
@ Where He Leads Me Midi @
@ Where High the Heavenly Temple Stands Midi @
@ Where Jesus Is, 'Tis Heaven Midi @
@ Where Is My Boy Tonight? Midi @
@ Where Is Thy Refuge? Midi @
@ Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin? Midi @
@ Where the Cross Is Leading Midi @
@ Where the Gates Swing Outward Never Midi @
@ Where the Wrecks Wash In Midi @
@ Where They Need No Sun Midi @
@ Where Will You Spend Eternity? Midi @
@ Where'er His Creatures Gather Midi @
@ Wherefore Do the Nations Rage Midi @
@ Wherefore Is It That Thou, O Lord Midi @
@ Wherefore, O Father Midi @
@ Whether the Word Be Preached or Read Midi @
@ While Life Prolongs Its Precious Light Midi @
@ While Men Grow Bold in Wicked Ways Midi @
@ While on the Verge of Life I Stand Midi @
@ While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks Midi @
@ While Sinks Our Land to Realms of Night Midi @
@ While the World Awaited Midi @
@ While Thee I Seek, Protecting Power Midi @
@ While with Ceaseless Course the Sun Midi @
@ Whispering Hope Midi @
@ White Coffin, The Midi @
@ Whiter Than Snow Midi @
@ Who Are These Like Stars Appearing Midi @
@ Who at My Door Is Standing? Midi @
@ Who Is He in Yonder Stall? Midi @
@ Who Is on the Lord's Side? Midi @
@ Who Is This of Whom Ye Tell? Midi @
@ Who Is This So Weak and Helpless Midi @
@ Who Is This That Comes from Edom Midi @
@ Who Is Thy Neighbor Midi @
@ Who Keepeth Not God's Word Midi @
@ Who Knows How Near My End May Be? Midi @
@ Who, O Lord, with Thee Abiding Midi @
@ Who Shall Ascend Thy Heav'nly Place? Midi @
@ Who Shall the Lord's Elect Condemn? Midi @
@ Who the Multitudes Can Number Midi @
@ Who Trusts in God, a Strong Abode Midi @
@ Who Will Go? Midi @
@ Who Will Follow Jesus? Midi @
@ Who Will Open Mercy's Door? Midi @
@ Who Will Our Pilot Be? Midi @
@ Who Will Volunteer? Midi @
Wholehearted Thanksgiving to Thee I Will Bring Midi
Whole Wide World for Jesus, The Midi
Wholly Thine Midi
Whom Have I in Heaven? Midi
Whom Oceans Part, O Lord, Unite Midi
"Whosoever" Meaneth Me Midi
Whosoever Will Midi
Why Did the Gentiles Tumults Raise? Midi
Why Did the Jews Proclaim Their Rage? Midi
Why Did the Nations Join to Slay Midi
Why Do the Holy Angels Sing? Midi
Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends? Midi
Why Do You Wait? Midi
Why Dost Thou Stand Afar Midi
Why Doth the Lord Stand Off So Far? Midi
Why Has My God My Soul Forsook? Midi
Why, Impious Herod, Shouldst Thou Fear Midi
Why Not Now? Midi
Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me? Midi
Why Should I Fear in Evil Days Midi
Why Should I Vex My Soul? Midi
Why Should Our Tears in Sorrow Flow Midi
Why Should The Children Of A King Midi
Why Should We Start, and Fear to Die? Midi
Why Standest Thou Afar, O Lord? Midi
Wide Open Are Thy Hands Midi
Wide, Wide as the Ocean Midi
Will Jesus Find Us Watching? Midi
Will the Angels Come? Midi
Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Midi
Will There Be Any Stars? Midi
Will You Come? (Crosby) Midi
Will You Come? (Reynolds) Midi
Wilt Thou Hear the Voice of Praise? Midi
Win the One Next to You Midi
Win the World for Christ Midi
Win Them One by One Midi
Winged Herald of the Day Midi
Winter in His Heart of Gloom Midi
Winter Reigns o'er Many a Region Midi
Winter's Sleep Was Long and Deep, The Midi
Wise May Bring Their Learning, The Midi
Wise Men Seeking Jesus Midi
With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh Midi
With Christ We Share a Mystic Grave Midi
With Firm Resolve I Held My Peace Midi
With Gladness We Worship Midi
With Glory Clad, with Strength Arrayed Midi
With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring Midi
With Happy Voices Ringing Midi
With Harps and with Viols Midi
With Hearts Renewed Midi
With Joy I Heard My Friends Exclaim Midi
With Joy We Hail the Sacred Day Midi
With Joy We Lift Our Eyes Midi
With Joy We Meditate the Grace Midi
With One Consent, Let all the Earth Midi
With Restless and Ungoverned Rage Midi
With Solemn Faith We Offer Up Midi
With Songs and Honors Sounding Loud Midi
With the Sweet Word of Peace Midi
With Thine Own Pity, Savior, See Midi
With Thy Benediction Midi
With Weary Feet and Saddened Heart Midi
Within the Church's Sacred Fold Midi
Within the Churchyard, Side by Side Midi
Within the Father's House Midi
Within the Maddening Maze of Things Midi
Within Thy Temple, Lord Midi
Within Thy Temple's Sacred Courts Midi
Woe to the Men on Earth Who Dwell Midi
Woman's Hymn, The Midi
Wonderful Book Midi
Wonderful, Boundless Peace Midi
Wonderful Grace of Jesus Midi
Wonderful Love Midi
Wonderful Message Midi
Wonderful Peace (Cornell) Midi
Wonderful Peace (Lillenas) Midi
Wonderful Savior Midi
Wonderful Story of Love Midi
Wonderful, Unfailing Friend Midi
Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus Midi
Wonderful Words of Life Midi
Wonders of Redeeming Love, The Midi
Won't Somebody Tell Them? Midi
Word of God, The Midi
Word Supreme, Before Creation Midi
Work, for the Night Is Coming Midi
Work for Us All Midi
Work Must Go On, The Midi
Workman of God Midi
World for God, The Midi
World Is Sad with Hopes That Die, The Midi
World Is Very Evil, The Midi
World Must Be Taken, The Midi
World Within, The Midi
Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness Midi
Worthy the Lamb Midi
Would Jesus Have the Sinner Die? Midi
Wounded for Me Midi