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1. Face to Face with Christ, My Savior Midi

2. Fain Would I, Lord of Grace Midi
3. Faint Falls the Gentle Voice of Prayer Midi
4. Fair Waved the Golden Corn Midi
5. Fairest Lord Jesus Midi
6. Faith in Jesus Midi
7. Faith in the Word of God Midi
8. Faith Is A Living Power From Heaven Midi
9. Faith Is the Victory Midi
10. Faith of Our Brothers Midi
11. Faith of Our Fathers Midi
12. Faithful Shepherd, Feed Me Midi
13. Falter Not Midi
14. Far and Near Midi
15. Far Be Sorrow, Tears, and Sighing Midi
16. Far Down the Ages Now Midi
17. Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains Midi
18. Far, Far on the Other Side Midi
19. Far from My Heavenly Home Midi
20. Far Out on the Desolate Billow Midi
21. Fast, as Taught by Holy Lore, The Midi
22. Father, Again in Jesus' Name We Meet Midi
23. Father and Friend! Thy Light, Thy Love Midi
24. Father Almighty, Bless Us with Thy Blessing Midi
25. Father, Before Thy Throne of Light Midi
26. Father, Bless Our School Today Midi
27. Father, Bless the Gifts We Bring Thee Midi
28. Father Eternal, Ruler of Creation Midi
29. Father, Forgive, the Savior Said Midi
30. Father, God, We Glorify Midi
31. Father, Hear the Prayer We Offer Midi
32. Father, How Wide Thy Glory Shines Midi
33. Father, I Know That All My Life Midi
34. Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee Midi
35. Father in Heaven, in Thy Love Abounding Midi
36. Father in Heaven, Who Lovest All Midi
37. Father, in High Heaven Dwelling Midi
38. Father, in Thy Mysterious Presence Kneeling Midi
39. Father, Lead Me Day by Day Midi
40. Father, Let Me Dedicate Midi
41. Father, Loving Father Midi
42. Father, Make Us Loving Midi
43. Father, Most High, Be with Us Midi
44. Father Most Holy, Merciful and Tender Midi
45. Father of All, from Land and Sea Midi
46. Father of All, to Thee Midi
47. Father of Glory, to Thy Name Midi
48. Father of Heaven Midi
49. Father of Jesus Christ, My Lord Midi
50. Father of Light, We Sing in Thy Praise Midi
51. Father of Lights Midi
52. Father of Love Midi
53. Father of Love and Power Midi
54. Father of Men, in Whom Are One Midi
55. Father of Mercies, in Thy Word Midi
56. Father of Peace, and God of Love Midi
57. Father of Spirits, Whose Divine Control Midi
58. Father, Son and Holy Ghost Midi
59. Father, the Watches of the Night Are O'er Midi
60. Father, to Thee We Look in All Our Sorrow Midi
61. Father, We Praise Thee Midi
62. Father, Whate'er of Earthly Bliss Midi
63. Father, When Shall All the Weary Earth Midi
64. Father, Who Art Alone Midi
65. Father, Who the Light This Day Midi
66. Father, Who Dost Thy Children Feed Midi
67. Father, Who Hast Gathered Midi
68. Father, Whose Creating Hand Midi
69. Father, Whose Everlasting Love Midi
70. Father, Whose Love We Have Wronged by Transgression Midi
71. Father, Whose Will Is Life and Good Midi
72. Father's Sole Begotten Son, The Midi
73. Fear Not, O Little Flock Midi
74. Fear Not, Thou Faithful Christian Flock Midi
75. Feasting with My Lord Midi
76. Fed upon the Finest of the Wheat Midi
77. Few More Marchings Weary, A Midi
78. Few More Years Will Roll, A Midi
79. Fierce Raged the Tempest O'er the Deep Midi
80. Fierce Was the Storm of Wind Midi
81. Fierce Was the Wild Billow Midi
82. Fight Is On, The Midi
83. Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might Midi
84. Fill Me Now Midi
85. Fill Thou My Life Midi
86. Fire Is Burning, The Midi
87. Firmly I Believe and Truly Midi
88. First Noel, The Midi
89. First of Martyrs, Thou Whose Name Midi
90. Fish in Wave, the Bird on Wing, The Midi
91. Flee as a Bird Midi
92. Fling Out the Banner Midi
93. Fling Wide the Door Midi
94. Flower Carol Midi
95. Flung to the Heedless Winds Midi
96. Follow Me, the Master Said Midi
97. Follow On Midi
98. Follow the Gleam Midi
99. Fools in Their Heart Have Said Midi
100. Footprints of Jesus Midi
101. For a Worldwide Revival Midi
102. For All the Blessings of the Year Midi
103. For All the Saints Midi
104. For All Thy Saints, a Noble Throng Midi
105. For Ever We Would Gaze on Thee Midi
106. For God So Loved the World Midi
107. For Man the Savior Shed Midi
108. For My Sake, and the Gospel's Midi
109. For the Beauty of the Earth Midi
110. For the Bread, Which Thou Hast Broken Midi
111. For the Dear Ones Parted from Us Midi
112. For the Deep Love That Kept Us Midi
113. For the Whole Wide World Midi
114. For Thee, O Dear, Dear, Country Midi
115. For Thee, O God, Our Constant Praise Midi
116. For Those We Love Within the Veil Midi
117. For Thy Dear Saints Midi
118. For Thy Mercy and Thy Grace Midi
119. For unto Us a Child Is Born Midi
120. Forever Here My Rest Shall Be Midi
121. Forever Settled in the Heavens Midi
122. Forever Trusting in the Lord Midi
123. Forever with the Lord Midi
124. Forgive Them, O My Father Midi
125. Forsaken Once, and Thrice Denied Midi
126. Forte Rocha Midi
127. Forth from the Dark and Stormy Sky Midi
128. Forth in Thy Name, O Lord Midi
129. Forty Days and Forty Nights Midi
130. Forty Days Thy Seer of Old Midi
131. Forward! Be Our Watchword Midi
132. Forward Through the Ages Midi
133. Fountain of Good, to Own Thy Love Midi
134. Fountain of Grace Midi
135. Fountain of Mercies, God of Love Midi
136. Fountain of Never Ceasing Grace Midi
137. Free from the Law Midi
138. Fret Not Thyself Midi
139. Friend of Sinners Dies, The Midi
140. Friend of Sinners, Lord of Glory Midi
141. Friend of the Home Midi
142. Friendly Beasts, The Midi
143. Friendship with Jesus Midi
144. From Age to Age They Gather Midi
145. From All That Dwell Below the Skies Midi
146. From All Thy Saints in Warfare Midi
147. From Bethany, the Master Midi
148. From Calvary a Cry Was Heard Midi
149. From Days of Early Youth, O God Midi
150. From Depths of Woe I Raise to Thee Midi
151. From East to West, from Shore to Shore Midi
152. From Every Spire on Christmas Eve Midi
153. From Every Stormy Wind Midi
154. From Foes That Would the Land Devour Midi
155. From Glory unto Glory Midi
156. From God Shall Naught Divide Me Midi
157. From Greenland's Icy Mountains Midi
158. From Heaven Above to Earth I Come Midi
159. From Highest Heav'n the Eternal Son Midi
160. From Homes of Quiet Peace Midi
161. From Lands That See the Sun Arise Midi
162. From North and South and East and West Midi
163. From Ocean unto Ocean Midi
164. From Out the Cloud of Amber Light Midi
165. From Out the Depths I Cry, O Lord Midi
166. From the Cross Midi
167. From the Depths Do I Invoke Thee Midi
168. From the Depths My Prayer Ascendeth Midi
169. From the Depths of Sin and Failure Midi
170. From the Eastern Mountains Midi
171. From Thee All Skill and Science Flow Midi
172. Full Many Will Come Midi
173. Fully Persuaded Midi
174. Fully Surrendered Midi