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Dare to Be a Daniel Midi
2. Dark Is the Night Midi
3. Daughter of Zion, from the Dust Midi
4. Dawn Is Sprinkling in the East, The Midi
5. Dawn of God's Dear Sabbath, The Midi
6. Dawning Fair, Morning Wonderful Midi
7. Day by Day Midi
8. Day by Day the Manna Fell Midi
9. Day Draws on with Golden Light, The Midi
10. Day Is Dying in the West Midi
11. Day Is Gently Sinking to a Close Midi
12. Day Is Past and Over, The Midi
13. Day Is Slowly Wending, The Midi
14. Day Is Surely Drawing Near, The Midi
15. Day of God, Thou Bless Day Midi
16. Day, O Lord, Is Spent, The Midi
17. Day of Judgment! Day of Wonders! Midi
18. Day of Resurrection, The Midi
19. Day of the Lord Is at Hand, The Midi
20. Day of Wrath, O Day of Mourning Midi
21. Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended, The Midi
22. Days and Moments Quickly Flying Midi
23. Dayspring of Eternity Midi
24. Dear Christian People All, Rejoice Midi
25. Dear Father, Whom We Cannot See Midi
26. Dear God, Our Father Midi
27. Dear Jesus, Canst Thou Help Me? Midi
28. Dear Jesus, in Whose Life I See Midi
29. Dear Little Stranger Midi
30. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind Midi
31. Dear Lord and Master Mine Midi
32. Dear Lord, on This Thy Servant's Day Midi
33. Dear Master, in Thy Way Midi
34. Dear Savior, if These Lambs Should Stray Midi
35. Dear Savior, Stretch Thy Loving Arms Midi
36. Dear Shepherd of Thy People, Hear Midi
37. Death Hath No Terrors Midi
38. Death of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, The Midi
39. Debtor to Mercy Alone, A Midi
40. Deceit and Falsehood I Abhor Midi
41. Decision Midi
42. Deck Thyself, My Soul, with Gladness Midi
43. Deem Not That They Are Blest Alone Midi
44. Deep River Midi
45. Deeper and Deeper Midi
46. Deeper, Deeper Midi
47. Deeper Yet Midi
48. Defend Us, Lord, from Every Ill Midi
49. Delay Not, O Sinner, Draw Near Midi
50. Deliver Me from Evil Midi
51. Depth of Mercy Midi
52. Did Christ o'er Sinners Weep Midi
53. Did You Think to Pray? Midi
54. Disciples of All Nations Midi
55. Dismiss Me Not Thy Service, Lord Midi
56. Disposer Supreme, and Judge of the Earth Midi
57. Dives and Lazarus Midi
58. Do No Sinful Action Midi
59. Do Ye, O Men, Speak Righteousness Midi
60. Do You Know How Many Stars? Midi
61. Do You Know the Song That the Angels Sang Midi
62. Do You See the Hebrew Captive Kneeling? Midi
63. Does Jesus Care? Midi
64. Does Thy Savior Pilot Thee? Midi
65. Don't Forget the Sabbath Midi
66. Don't Lose the Vision Midi
67. Dost Thou in a Manger Lie? Midi
68. Dost Thou Truly Seek Renown Midi
69. Down at the Cross Midi
70. Down from the Worlds of Radiant Light Midi
71. Down in the Valley Midi
72. Down to the Sacred Wave Midi
73. Draw Me Closer, Lord, to Thee Midi
74. Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord Midi
75. Draw Nigh to Thy Jerusalem Midi
76. Draw Thou My Soul, O Christ Midi
77. Dread Jehovah, God of Nations Midi
78. Drop, Drop, Slow Tears Midi
79. Dulce Comunion Midi
80. Dusky Hands Midi
81. Dust to Dust, the Mortal Dies Midi
82. Duteous Day Now Closeth, The Midi
83. Dwelling in Beulah Land Midi
84. Dying Robber Raised His Aching Brow, The Midi