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Babe in Bethlem's Manger, The Midi

2. Babe Is Born in Bethlehm, A Midi
3. Baby of bethlehemm, The Midi
4. Banner of the Cross, The Midi
5. Baptize Us Anew Midi
6. Baptized into Thy Name Most Holy Midi
7. Battle Hymn of the Republic Midi
8. Battle of Calvary, The Midi
9. Be Firm and Be Faithful Midi
10. Be Known to Us in Breaking Bread Midi
11. Be Near Us, Holy Trinity Midi
12. Be Present at Our Table, Lord Midi
13. Be Present, Holy Trinity Midi
14. Be Ready to Go Midi
15. Be Ready When the Bridegroom Comes Midi
16. Be Still, My Soul Midi
17. Be Still, My Soul! for God Is Near! Midi
18. Be Strong! Midi
19. Be Thou Exalted Midi
20. Be Thou My Guardian and My Guide Midi
21. Be Thou My Helper in the Strife Midi
22. Be Thou My Judge, O Righteous Lord Midi
23. Be Thou My Vision Midi
24. Be Thou, O God, Exalted High Midi
25. Be with Us, Gracious Lord, Today  Midi
26. Be Ye Joyful, Earth and Sky Midi
27. Beautiful Midi
29. Beautiful Beckoning Hands Midi
30. Beautiful Bethlehem Bells Midi
31. Beautiful Bright Sunshine, The Midi
32. Beautiful Christmas Midi
33. Beautiful Garden of Prayer, The Midi
34. Beautiful Homeland Midi
35. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Midi
36. Beautiful Life, A Midi
37. Beautiful Morning Midi
38. Beautiful Savior Midi
39. Beautiful Sunshine Midi
40. Beautiful Star Midi
41. Beautiful Vale of Rest Midi
42. Beautiful Valley of Eden Midi
43. Beautiful Way, The Midi
44. Beautiful Witness Midi
45. Because I Knew Not When My Life Was Good Midi
46. Because I Love Jesus Midi
47. Because Thou Hast Said Midi
48. Because Thy Trust Is God Alone Midi
49. Befiehl du deine Wege Midi
50. Before His Eye Midi
51. Before Jehovah's Awful Throne Midi
52. Before the Ending of the Day Midi
53. Before the Lord We Bow Midi
54. Before the Throne of God Above Midi
55. Before Thee, God, Who Knowest All Midi
56. Before Thee, Lord, a People Waits Midi
57. Before Thy Mercy Seat, O Lord Midi
58. Before Thy People, I Confess Midi
59. Before Thy Throne, O God, We Kneel Midi
60. Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme Midi
61. Behold a Host, Arrayed in White Midi
62. Behold a Little Child Midi
63. Behold a Sower! from Afar Midi
64. Behold, a Stranger at the Door! Midi
65. Behold! Behold the Lamb of God Midi
66. Behold Him Now on Yonder Tree Midi
67. Behold Me Standing at the Door Midi
68. Behold My Servant! See Him Rise Midi
69. Behold the Amazing Gift of Love Midi
70. Behold, the Bridegroom Comes Midi
71. Behold the Bridegroom Cometh (Moultrie) Midi
72. Behold the Bridegroom Cometh (Root) Midi
73. Behold the Bridegroom Draweth Nigh Midi
74. Behold the Glories of the Lamb Midi
75. Behold, the Grace Appears Midi
76. Behold the Great Creator Makes Midi
77. Behold, the Heathen Waits to Know Midi
78. Behold the Lamb of God Midi
79. Behold, the Master Passeth By Midi
80. Behold the Messengers of Christ Midi
81. Behold the Morning Sun Midi
82. Behold! The Mountain of the Lord Midi
83, Behold the Savior of Mankind Midi
84. Behold the Throne of Grace Midi
85. Behold the Wondrous Love Midi
86. Behold Us, Lord, a Little Space Midi
87. Behold Us, Lord, Before Thee Met Midi
88. Behold We Come, Dear Lord, to Thee Midi
89. Behold, What Love!  Midi
90. Behold What Wondrous Grace Midi
91. Behold, What Wondrous Love and Grace Midi
92. Being of Beings Midi
93. Believe Not Those Who Say Midi
94. Believing Fathers Oft Have Told Midi
95. Bells of Easter, The Midi
96. Belovedd, Let Us Love Midi
97. Beloved, Now Are We Midi
98. Beloved, Sleep Midi
99. Ben Ti C'te Duash Midi
100. Beneath the Cross of Jesus Midi
101. Beneath the Forms of Outward Rite Midi
102. Beside the Gospel Pool Midi
103. Best Friend to Have Is Jesus, The Midi
104. Beulah Land Midi
105. Beyond, Beyond That Boundless Sea Midi
106. Beyond the Glittering, Starry Skies Midi
107. Beyond the Sunset Midi
108. Beyond This Land of Parting Midi
109. Bible, The Midi
110. B-I-B-L-E, The Midi
111. Bible Is a Brilliant Lamp, The Midi
112. Bible Stands, The Midi
113. Birthday of a King, The Midi
114. Bishop of the Souls of Men Midi
115. Bless, O My Soul! the Living God Midi
116. Bless This Hour of Prayer Midi
117. Bless Thou the Gifts Our Hands Have Brought Midi
118. Blessed Are the Sons of God Midi
119. Blessed Are They That Believe Midi
120. Blessed Assurance Midi
121. Blessed Be the Fountain Midi
122. Blessed Be the Name (Clark) Midi
123. Blessed Be the Name (Pickett) Midi
124. Blessed Bible Midi
125. Blessed Calvary Midi
126. Blessed City, Heavenly Salem Midi
127. Blessed Cross of Jesus Midi
128. Blessed Feast, The Midi
129. Blessed Feasts of Blessed Martyrs Midi
130. Blessed Home Land Midi
131. Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word Midi
132. Blessed Lord, in Thee Is Refuge Midi
133. Blessed Master, I Have Promised Midi
134. Blessed Night, When First That Plain Midi
135. Blessed Quietness Midi
136. Blessed Redeemer (Christiansen) Midi
137. Blessed Redeemer (Crosby) Midi
138. Blessed Savior, Thee I Love Midi
139. Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power Midi
140. Blessing in Prayer, A Midi
141. Blest Are the Pure in Heart Midi
142. Blest Are the Pure, Whose Hearts Are Clean Midi
143. Blest Are the Undefiled in Heart Midi
144. Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love Midi
145. Blest Be the Tie That Binds Midi
146. Blest, Blest Forever Midi
147. Blest Creator of the Light Midi
148. Blest Day of God, Most Calm, Most Bright Midi
149. Blest Hour, When Mortal Man Retires Midi
150. Blest Is He Who Loves God's Precepts Midi
151. Blest Is the Man That Fears Jehovah Midi
152. Blest Morning, Whose Young Dawning Rays Midi
153. Blest the Man Who Shuns the Place Midi
154. Blind Bartimeus Midi
155. Blood Of His Covenant Midi
156. Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, The Midi
157. Blood-washed Pilgrim, The Midi
158. Blood-Washed Throng, The Midi
159. Blow Ye the Trumpet, Blow Midi
160. Book of Books Midi
161. Book of Grace and Book of Glory Midi
162. Bound upon the Accursd Tree Midi
163. Boundless Salvation Midi
164. Bounteous Spirit, Ever Shedding Midi
165. Bow Down Thine Ear, Almighty Lord Midi
166. Bow Down Thine Ear, O Lord and Hear Midi
167. Bread of Heaven, on Thee We Feed Midi
168. Bread of the World, in Mercy Broken Midi
169. Break, Day of God, Oh Break Midi
170. Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light Midi
171. Break Forth, O Joyful Heart Midi
172. Break Thou the Bread of Life Midi
173. Breast the Wave, Christian Midi
174. Breath of the Spirit, The Midi
175. Breathe on Me, Breath of God Midi
176. Breathe upon Us Midi
177. Brethren, We Have Met to Worship Midi
178. Bride of Christ, Whose Glorious Warfare Midi
179. Bride of the Lamb, Awake, Awake Midi
180. Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us, The Midi
181. Brief Life Is Here Our Portion Midi
182. Bright and Glorious Is the Sky Midi
183. Bright and Joyful Is the Morn Midi
184. Bright as the Sun's Meridian Blaze Midi
185. Bright Forever, The Midi
186. Bright the Vision That Delighted Midi
187. Bright Was the Guiding Star That Led Midi
188. Brighten the Corner Where You Are Midi
189. Brighter Dawn Is Breaking, A Midi
190. Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning Midi
191. Brightly Did the Light Divine Midi
193. Brightly Gleams Our Banner Midi
194. Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella Midi
195. Bring, O Morn, Thy Music Midi
196. Bring In The Children Midi
197. Bring Them In Midi
198. Bring Your Vessels, Not a Few Midi
199. Bringing in the Sheaves Midi
200. Broad Is the Road Midi
201. Broken Heart, The Midi
202. Brood O'er Us with Thy Sheltering Wing Midi
203. Brothers, Joining Hand to Hand Midi
204. Build on the Rock Midi
205. Builder of Ages Midi
206. Built on the Rock Midi
207. Building, Daily Building Midi
208. Building Day by Day Midi
209. Built by Jehovah's Hand Midi
210. Built on the Rock Midi
211. Bury Thy Sorrow Midi
212. Busuku Obuhle Midi
213. Busuku Obungewele Midi
214. By All Whom Thou Hast Made Midi
215. By and By (Crosby) Midi
216. By and By (Rexford) Midi
217. By Christ Redeemed, by Christ Restored Midi
218. By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill Midi
219. By Faith in Christ I Walk with God Midi
220. By Faith We Find the Place Above Midi
221. By Grace Are Ye Saved Midi
222. By Grace I Will Midi
223. By Grace I'm Saved Midi
224. By Jesus' Grave on Either Hand Midi
225. By the Cross of Jesus Standing Midi
226. By the Grace of God We'll Meet Midi
227. By the Sea of Crystal Midi
228. By the Way of Redeeming Love Midi
229. By Thy Birth and by Thy Tears Midi
230. By Vows of Love Together Bound Midi
231. By Whom Was David Taught Midi